FRP Membrane Housing

FRP Membrane Housing

UKL FRP membrane pressure vessels are manufactured by computer controlled filament winding machine and associated high precision processing equipments. With a team of skilled technical experts in the field of computer controlled machines, and with all the state-of -art processing machines in-house, UKL offers a range of high quality membrane housings in various colors including white, blue and grey as per customer’s choice..


Salient Features

  • Available in End Port and Side Port configurations.
  • Internal diameter is mirror finished to a tolerance of ±0.1mm facilitating easy loading & unloading of membranes.
  • External surfaces are highly polished & coated with high-gloss polyurethane paints for UV resistance & excellent aesthetics.
  • End Cap assembly comprises of a single piece moulded seal plate, a unique high quality seal ring, a heavy duty aluminium bearing plate and a 3 turn stainless steel locking ring. This unique design facilitates easy removal and insertion of the end cap without any special tools, making it very user-friendly.
  • Permeate Port comprises a standard 1” half union . Other options of 1 1/1" BSP(M) threads and 1" BSP(F) threads are also available. (NPT threads provided on request).
  • 8" membrane housings are available from 1 element to 8 elements with pressure ratings of 250psi, 450psi, 600psi,1000psi and 1200 psi.
  • All models are supplied with saddle and SS straps.
  • Victolic couplings available on request

Quality Assurance

All the pressure vessels are designed strictly as per the standards as specified in SECTION X of ASME. Each and every housing is shipped out of the factory only after the manufacturing process parameters are certified by the QC manager.


Unique Feature

Flat Sealing Surfaces for Multi-ported Vessels
Octagonal Design

UKL is proud to introduce an unique feature of Flat Seating surfaces in a circular membrane housing. This revolutionary design is a result of the continuous in-house R&D efforts of our dedicated and the highly qualified team of engineers.

UKL multi-ported vessels have the unique Octagonal design which provides for 4 flat sealing surfaces. The flat sealing surfaces, provides excellent and reliable sealing of side ports.

Port Types
End Port Model
End Port Design
Side Port Model
Side Port Design
Double Side Port Model
Double Side Port Design
4 Side Port Model
Quadruple Side Port Design
4" Accessories
Octagonal Design
8" Accessories
Octagonal Design
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