UKL is ISO9001:2008 Certified

Quality Objectives

As a water treatment components manufacturing company, UKL aims to excel in the engineering and production of the highest quality water treatment components while providing our customers with competitive prices. We will continuously strive to improve the quality of our processes and products as we continue to strive towards and excel at being a world-class company.

  • Incorporate quality values in everything we do
  • To always be on the leading edge of technology through Research and Developement
  • Continually improve design and manufacturing processes
  • Invest in cost saving technologies
  • Deliver our products to our customers on time every time
  • Exceed our customer’s expectations
  • Provide our employees a safe working environment

Key Performance Metrics

We will measure our success by monitoring and evaluating key performance metrics.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Quick lead times
  • Prompt deliveries


  • Machine utilization and overtime
  • Educating employees on proper safety measures


  • Total price
  • Overtime
  • COPQ

Environment Friendly

  • Waste management
  • Power opitmization measures

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