Noiseless Dosing Pumps

NSL 100 series Noiseless Pumps

NSL 100 series noiseless pumps have been designed to provide an efficient, trouble-free operation without generating any kind of noise. These pumps are compact, motor driven and operate on a direct 230 V AC supply. With only 50% of moving components compared to the conventional electromagnetic pumps these pumps offer an extended life with excellent performance in the field. In line with the Quality Policy of UKL, all the components have been precisely engineered to offer.

Design Features

  • Compact and good aesthetics.
  • Compact and good aesthetics.
  • No Complex electronics.
  • Easy Maintenance.


Power Supply 230 V~AC
Liquid End Glass filled Polypropylene
Valve Ball Pyrex
Diaphragm Teflon-faced Hypalon
Suction Tubing PVC flexible of 1.5m length
Delivery Tubing LDPE tube of 1.5m length
Stroke Frequency 100 strokes per minute

Model Selection Chart

Model Capacity Max. Injection Pressure
NSL-1 1 lph 10 Bar
NSL-3 3 lph 6 Bar
NSL-4 4 lph 6 Bar
NSL-5 5 lph 5 Bar
NSL-6 6 lph 5 Bar
NSL-12 12 lph 3 Bar



Dosing Pump Dimensions

All Dimensions are in mm
A 140
B 148
C 155
D 200
E 228
F 28
G 55
H 85 (6mm x 4 Nos.)
Injection Check Valve
Injection Check Valves
Foot Valve
Foot Valves

The injection check valve is
a spring loaded non-return valve which prevents the water in the

The foot valve is a non-return valve with a strainer to ensure that any dirt particles in the chemical

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